Elite Of The Seas

An artwork in the making, Elite of the Seas Cruise will set sail in October 2022. The cruise shares the same mother company with Stellar of the Seas, which is already among the most sought-after cruise trips in Halong Bay. Enjoy a trip like no other with Elite of the Seas cruise.

Doris Cruise

A new choice for a 5-star cruising experience in Halong Bay! Launched in June 2022, Doris Cruise brings 25 modern cabins with all private balconies and an ocean-view bathtub included.

Orchid Premium Cruise

Orchid Premium is a new iron-hull ship of Orchid company, which is much fit for a leisure trip of friends, families, or companies visiting Halong and Lan Ha Bay.

Melody Private Charter Cruise

Managed by the reputable La Casta Cruise Group, Melody Cruise is the luxury wooden private cruise promising an unforgettable experience for small groups and families.

Paradise Luxury Private Charter Cruise

Featuring 17 lavishly decorated cabins, a cozy and stylish dining room, and a spacious sundeck with the panoramic views of Halong Bay,

Pelican Luxury Private Charter Cruise

Offering luxury and unique services, Pelican Cruise is one of the finest charter cruises in Halong Bay.

Signature Cruise Private Charter

Signature Cruise is a medium-sized vessel in Halong Bay which can be used for charter. Having 12 spacious and luxurious cabins,

Glory Legend Private Charter Cruise

Among the vast collection of cruises in Halong Bay, Glory Legend is a perfect choice for mid-size group who wants to charter a private junk.

La Casta Regal Cruise

With its debut in late 2020, La Casta Regal is the newest vessel in the fleet of La Casta Cruises. This 5-star luxury yacht is filled with modern pieces of equipment and unrivaled services.

La Pandora Cruise

Experience the contemporary design blended with traditional style and a unique itinerary on La Pandora Cruise!

Orchid Trendy Cruise

Previously known as Azalea, Orchid Trendy is one of the most popular choices for visitors to Lan Ha Bay, offering a quality trip at reasonable price.

Paloma Cruise

Anyone who has cruised Halong Bay with Paloma will insist on it being an unforgettable experience: her exquisite luxury, unrivalled itimate feel, calm setting of natural beauty.